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Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 123 Set

Product Description
Lesson 1
- For babies 6-8 months with two to three milk teeth
- Thick and contoured handle is easy to grasp
- Elastic rubber head feels soft on baby's gums
- CAUTION: Make certain that shield is attached to prevent choking

Lesson 2
- For babies 8-12 months with eight to ten milk teeth
- Rubber bristles are soft and tender to baby's gums
- Fine bristle-ends allow for thorough cleaning of every part of teeth and in-between teeth

Lesson 3
- With all his milk teeth has grown, your child is now ready to practise dental hygiene with his first real toothbrush and toothpaste
- Rounded bristles are tender and gentle on your child's gums
- Remember, proper toothbrushing techniques from the very first stage of training will help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth 

Brand: Pigeon
Product Code: LC11826
PJ$: Availability: In Stock
Price: S$9.90

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