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Pigeon Liquid Cleanser 700ml

Product Description
- The PIGEON Bottle Nipple & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser is the ultimate natural cleanser and is essential for baby's health.
- Tried and tested by mothers all over the world, it has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria found in milk.
- Made from 100% food grade ingredients, it is safe and effective for cleaning baby accessories, such as bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys, and is even suitable for  washing fruit and vegetables.
- Excellent Cleanser with Anti-Bacterial Features
- It is not adequate to wash the nursing bottle with water alone.
- Made from edible carbohydrate delivatives, PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is suitable for washing the nursing bottle because it is able to remove fats and proteins, which cause dirt.
- PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is a much stronger wash than regular detergent commonly found in kitchens


Brand: Pigeon
Product Code: LC12960
PJ$: Availability: In Stock
Price: S$14.70

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